What is a Mattress in a Box?


A mattress in a box is a compressed mattress that is rolled up and shipped directly to your doorstep in a conveniently sized box. The concept of a mattress in a box has revolutionized the mattress industry, making it more convenient and affordable for consumers to purchase a quality mattress.

Creating a mattress in a box involves specialized machinery and careful engineering. High-quality materials, such as memory foam, latex, or hybrid combinations, are layered to create a supportive and comfortable sleep surface. Once the mattress is constructed, it undergoes a compression process.

The mattress is flattened during compression, and the air is removed to reduce its volume significantly. This allows it to fit into a compact box without compromising its structural integrity or comfort. The compression process saves on shipping costs and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. 

History of Mattresses in a Box

The “mattress in a box” is an innovative concept that has changed the way people shop for mattresses, making it more convenient and accessible than ever.

The history of mattresses in a box goes back to the early 2000s when visionary companies started to explore a new method of delivering mattresses—right to the customer's doorstep.

Casper was one of the trailblazing brands in this new market. Launched in 2014, Casper quickly made a name for itself with its direct-to-consumer model. Instead of using traditional physical stores, Casper and similar companies started selling their products online. They compressed their mattresses and rolled them up to fit into small boxes, which made shipping easier and more cost-effective.

Recent Popularization of Mattresses in a Box

The concept of mattresses in a box has gained momentum in recent years. First, the convenience of online shopping has become increasingly prevalent, making buying a mattress online more appealing.

Additionally, the millennial generation, which values convenience and simplicity, embraced purchasing a mattress without needing a showroom visit.

Online mattress shopping experienced a notable increase during the COVID-19 pandemic as people became more wary of going out and started to prefer contactless shopping experiences. This shift in consumer behavior prompted many traditional mattress manufacturers to adopt the bed-in-a-box model to remain relevant in the market.

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Does Leesa Offer Mattresses in a Box?

As one of the leading players in the mattress-in-a-box industry, Leesa proudly offers a wide range of mattresses. Our mattresses are expertly engineered, crafted with high-quality materials, and compressed to fit inside a box for convenient and hassle-free delivery.

The lineup includes:

  • Original Mattress. The customer favorite, the Original Mattress, combines exclusive stay-cool foam with memory foam, providing the perfect balance of comfort and support. Hugging all the right spots, this mattress has been described as a "miracle" for its exceptional comfort level.

  • Original Hybrid Mattress. For those seeking the "just-right" feel, the Original Hybrid Mattress is an ideal choice. It features premium foams, nearly 800 individually wrapped springs, and a soft yet firm surface, providing a gentle hug while remaining cool and responsive to movement.

  • Sapira Hybrid Mattress. This mattress takes comfort to the next level with its winning combination of extra-special foam layers and 1,000+ individually wrapped springs, ensuring undisturbed support and a cool, comfortable sleep experience.

  • Legend Hybrid Mattress. For sustainable luxury, the Legend Hybrid Mattress stands out. Boasting plush, cooling layers wrapped in organic cotton and merino, along with 1750+ wrapped springs, it provides optimal support and tranquil, deep sleep.

  • Studio Mattress. The Studio Mattress is perfect for those who need a comfortable yet budget-friendly option. Crafted with a premium blend of cradling and cool foams, it delivers exceptional comfort at an affordable price.

  • Kids Collection. We haven't forgotten about the little ones. Their Kids Collection offers award-winning Leesa comfort in mattresses specially designed for children, ensuring they can enjoy a restful and comfortable night's sleep.

Browse our website to explore their selection of premium mattresses in a box. With Leesa's commitment to quality, you can rest assured that you'll find the perfect mattress to suit your needs and sleep preferences. 

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Benefits of Mattresses in a Box

Whether you're a seasoned mattress shopper or someone searching for their very first bed, understanding the benefits of mattresses in a box will undoubtedly assist you in making an informed and satisfying purchase decision.


With just a few clicks, you can browse through various options, read reviews, and place an order from the comfort of your home. Your chosen mattress will be shipped directly to your doorstep in a compact box, so you don’t have to visit multiple showrooms or deal with pushy salespeople. There’s also no need to arrange for a delivery truck or haul a bulky mattress home.


With a mattress in a box, you can cut out the middleman of retail stores and buy directly from the brand, making the mattress more affordable.

Without the overhead costs of physical stores, brands like Leesa can also pass on the savings to you. Our mattresses are priced competitively, offering significant cost savings compared to traditional mattresses.

Trial Periods / Easy Returns

Like many other mattress-in-a-box brands, Leesa provides a generous trial period to ensure customer satisfaction. Leesa has a 100-night trial period mattress guarantee to ensure it's the right fit. If you're unsatisfied, Leesa's support team will help you through the return process.

Lightweight and Easy to Assemble

Unlike traditional mattresses, which can be bulky and awkward, mattresses in a box are lightweight and easy to handle. The compact packaging makes them easy to move around your home and set up in your desired sleeping area. Just unbox, unroll, and your new mattress will spring to life.

Long Lifespan

Despite being compressed for shipping, mattresses in a box are made with durable materials that can withstand the test of time. On average, a well-maintained mattress in a box can last around eight years, providing long-lasting comfort and support.

Considerations of Mattresses in a Box 

While there are many benefits, there are also considerations before purchasing online.

You Can’t Try Before You Buy

One drawback of buying a mattress in a box is that you can’t test it before it arrives on your doorstep. Unlike warehouse or in-store shopping, you can’t lie down to see if it is soft or firm. You must rely on reviews, videos, and product descriptions to make an informed decision. That’s why Leesa offers a 100-night trial period, however. So you can make sure it's right for you.

Potential for Off-Gassing

Off-gassing refers to the release of certain chemical odors when a mattress is unpacked. This is a common occurrence with foam mattresses and typically disappears. While most reputable mattress brands, including Leesa, use CertiPUR-US certified foams low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), you may be sensitive to these odors. Don’t worry too much; they should dissipate within a few days.

How to Choose a Mattress in a Box

Considering the average person spends about 26 years (or 1/3) of their life sleeping, choosing the right mattress is imperative. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

1.Consider Your Sleep Style/Sleep Style of Your Partner

Everyone has different sleep preferences. Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, there's a mattress that caters to your needs. If you share the bed with a partner, you should also consider their preferences for a suitable compromise.

2.Consider the Different Types of Mattresses in a Box

Mattresses in a box come in various materials and constructions, with memory foam and hybrids being two popular options. Memory foam mattresses provide contouring support, while hybrid mattresses combine foam and innerspring coils for added support and breathability. Leesa offers a range of options to suit different sleep preferences.

3.Take Advantage of Trial Periods

Utilize the trial period offered by mattress brands to test the mattress and ensure it meets your expectations. Sleep on the mattress for a few weeks to allow your body to adjust and determine if it provides the comfort and support you need for restful sleep. 

Taking Care of Your Mattress in a Box

Proper care and maintenance can extend the mattress's longevity, ensuring it provides comfortable sleep for years. The following tips will help you get the most out of your investment:

Allow the Mattress to Air Out

When you receive the bed in a box, let it air out for a couple of days to expand and firm up fully. Giving it this time before you use it helps eliminate residual off-gassing odors and ensures the mattress reaches its intended shape and comfort level.

Use a Mattress Protector

A waterproof and breathable mattress protector creates a barrier against liquids, dust mites, and other irritants, which helps keep your mattress fresh. Wash the mattress protector regularly to maintain a clean sleep surface and prevent any damage to the mattress itself.

Rotate the Mattress

While mattresses in a box are designed for even wear and durability, rotating the mattress periodically can help distribute the weight and pressure evenly. This prevents excessive wear on specific areas and prolongs the mattress's lifespan. Depending on the type of mattress and the manufacturer's recommendations, consider rotating the mattress every three to six months.

Clean and Refresh Regularly

Keep your mattress clean by regularly vacuuming it with an upholstery attachment to remove dust and debris. For added freshness, you can also lightly sprinkle baking soda over the mattress surface and let it sit for a few hours before vacuuming it again. This helps neutralize any lingering odors.

Always refer to specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure you follow the appropriate maintenance practices for your specific mattress model. Doing so will help preserve your warranty and ensure your mattress remains in optimal condition.

Final Thoughts

Mattresses in a box are accessible, convenient, and affordable mattresses designed to give you a good night's sleep. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the Leesa range is an attractive option for comfort, support, and sound sleep.

Browse our mattresses to find the best one for you. 

Mattress in a Box FAQs

Are mattresses in a box the same size as traditional mattresses?

Yes, mattresses in a box are available in all sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

What's the main difference between mattresses in a box vs. traditional mattresses?

The main difference lies in the distribution model and convenience. Mattresses in a box are compressed and shipped directly to the consumer, eliminating the need for physical showrooms and retail stores.

How large are the shipping boxes for mattresses in a box?

Mattresses in a box are efficiently compressed to fit into compact shipping boxes, making them easier to transport and deliver to your doorstep.

What is a hybrid mattress in a box?

A hybrid mattress in a box combines different materials, such as memory foam mattress layers and innerspring coils, to offer a blend of support and comfort, providing a sleep experience that caters to a wide range of sleep preferences. Leesa offers hybrid options for customers seeking this unique combination.