Bed Frame

Bed Frame

Supports your foundation and mattress for a 7" lift off the ground. Easy to assemble, no tools needed. Foundation required and sold separately.

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Product Specifications

Size & Weight

  • Twin 71.8" x 37.7" x 7.2" Box Size 78" x 9" x 5" 26 lbs.
  • Twin XL 71.8"x 37.7"x 7.2" Box Size 78" x 9" x 5" 26 lbs.
  • Full 71.8" x 52.75"x 7.12" Box Size 78" x 9" x 5" 38 lbs.
  • Queen 75.8"x 59.75"x 7.12" Box Size 78" x 9" x 5 39 lbs.
  • King 75.8"x 75.5"x 7.12" Box Size 78" x 9" x 5 44 lbs.
  • Cal King 75.8"x 71.75"x 7.12" Box Size 78" x 9" x 5" 44 lbs.

What does a bed frame do for a bed?

A bed frame provides even support for your foundation and mattress. It can come as a simple metal frame with legs or it can be more decorative and include a headboard, side rails, footers and legs. It all depends on what kind of bed you want and what style you like.

Do I need a bed frame?

The short answer is no, not always. It is entirely up to you to set up your Leesa or Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress with a bed frame.

Bed frames are commonly used to position a mattress and foundation in order for the bed to stay in place and to raise the mattress off the floor. When putting up a headboard or canopy, both of necessitate the use of a bed frame.

We strongly advise you to use a stable, rigid base for your Leesa or Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress, whether it's our traditional metal bed frame with a Leesa foundation, a Leesa platform bed, or a slatted bed.

How much is a bed frame?

The average price of a bed frame is around $200, but Leesa bed frames range from just $129 for a twin size bed frame to $159 for a Cal King size bed frame.

What is a bed frame also called?

Bed frames are sometimes also called bedsteads. It refers to the railing that holds the foundation that provides support for your mattress.


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