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We make mattresses, pillows, bases and sleep accessories for good.

Our founders were tired of mattress companies that were over-promising and under-delivering. They were tired of products with claims they couldn't live up to. They were tired of pushy salespeople and stuffy mattress showrooms. And, they were just plain tired.

So, they met in Virginia Beach, VA and started Leesa, a direct-to-consumer, online mattress company, dedicated to delivering the highest-quality mattresses and sleep products for good sleep—challenging (and changing!) what people could and should expect from their beds and their mornings.

Leesa Sleep Social Change

But wait, what is "direct to consumer?" It means there’s no “middle man.” When you order a Leesa mattress from our website, in one of our Dream Galleries or at your local West Elm, Macy’s or Pottery Barn store, it is made to order. Yep! It’s assembled and compressed just for you and then shipped to your front door (or side door, or garage door) in a box. It’s that simple.

Social Change

And the name? Well, that's simple, too. Leesa was a friend of the founders, whose name was jokingly thrown into the suggestion pool. However, when someone drew a line under "Leesa" and it looked like a bed, the name stuck and Leesa was born.

Social Change

In a market where so many companies were just looking to make money, our founders wanted to start a company that would also make a difference. We’re extremely proud of the success of our business, but we’d rather measure our success by our positive impact on the world.
Since Leesa started, we’ve donated 36,000+ mattresses to shelters and organizations, on a mission to give those in need a safe place to rest. This has been our commitment since the beginning and we're just getting started.

Your bed is where the day ends

Every mattress purchase helps a child dream for tomorrow, tonight. Through our partnerships with national and local nonprofits, we're on a mission to make sure that everyone, especially children and young adults in poverty, has a safe, comfortable place to rest their heads every night.

Go beyond comfort

When you decide to join the Leesa family, you become a maker of good, too. Whether you purchase a mattress, which helps us donate a bed to someone in need, order a pillow or base (because all of our products come in recycled, recyclable boxes), or simply tell a friend about Leesa, you're choosing to join our movement for good.leesa and soma logo