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Woman lying on a queen bed

King vs. Full Bed: What’s the Difference?


Comparing king vs. full beds is kind of like comparing apples to oranges. King beds are a popular size mattress for many couples. But full beds can also accommodate a couple, although snugly. If you're in the market for a new mattress, let's dive in to compare king vs. full beds. Knowing the differences and the pros and cons between king mattresses and a full bed can help you determine what mattress size is right for you.

What's the Difference in Size Between a King vs. Full Mattress?

King mattresses are large and spacious, while full mattresses are more compact in size. Which is the best mattress size for you, and what mattress dimensions will fit your space?

Bed Type





California King

83.5" (6.9')

71.5" (5.9')


109 lbs.

Standard King

79.5" (6.6')

75.5" (6.2')


106 lbs.


74.5" (6.2')

52.5" (4.3')


76 lbs.

*Dimensions based on the Leesa Original Hybrid mattress

You'll notice that a standard king is shaped like a square, as opposed to a California king mattress, which is more of a rectangle. That makes a California king mattress a top pick for tall couples.

What Is a King Size Mattress?

A king-size mattress is designed for ample space for both sleepers and is good in bedrooms measuring a minimum of 12' x 12'. If you have pets or small children, king mattresses allow everyone to snuggle. And if you happen to sleep with a bed hog (or are one yourself) a king-size mattress can help both of you get a good night's sleep without disturbing each other. King beds are also good for sleepers who prefer more personal space, or who have a spread-out sleeping position.

What Are the Different Variations of King Size Mattresses?

There are several sizes of king size mattresses—a standard king-size mattress, a California king, and a split king. There are also Alaskan king beds, as well as Wyoming king-size mattresses and Eastern kings. How do these king mattresses stack up against each other?

California King-Size Mattresses

This oversized king mattress is also known as an Eastern king. If your master bedroom has enough space, California king mattresses are a great choice for tall sleepers or people who need more sleeping space. A California king-size mattress is nearly 7 feet long, or 83.5 inches.

Standard King-Size Mattresses

A standard king mattress is more rectangular in shape than a California king-size mattress, allowing it to fit in a somewhat narrower master bedroom. A standard king-size mattress is 79.5 inches long, or a little more than 6.5 feet, and 75.5 inches wide. Standard kings are popular with couples because they allow a bit of extra personal space without taking up the entire room.

Split-King Mattresses

Want the ultimate in comfort? Buy two twin XL mattresses, put them on a Leesa adjustable bed frame and you'll each have customized comfort at the push of a button. The two twin XLs, when put side by side, are the same mattress dimensions as a standard king. The difference is one of you can lie prone and the other can raise the head of the bed to read or watch TV. Split kings on an adjustable frame are also ideal for people with certain health conditions, such as sleep apnea or asthma, as well as for sleepers who snore.

King Size Mattress Pros

    • Maximum sleeping space and comfort
    • Allows each sleeper to have ample personal space
    • Allows pets and children to cuddle with you
    • Can lessen tossing and turning, allowing for a better night's sleep for you both

King Size Mattress Cons 

    • Requires a larger room size
    • More expensive than other bed sizes
    • Can sometimes be difficult to find linens and accessories
    • Can be challenging to get through doorways and halls

What Is a Full-Size Mattress? 

Full-size mattresses are also known as double beds. A full bed is an ideal mattress size for preteens who have outgrown their twin bed and can also be a great choice for college dorm rooms. Because a full bed has a smaller footprint, it fits better in smaller bedrooms than a queen bed does. A full mattress size also provides more sleeping space than a twin bed.

Full-Size Mattress Pros

  • Fits in smaller spaces
  • Wider than a twin mattress
  • More affordable than a king-size bed
  • Easy to find bedding
  • Allows you to fit other furniture in your bedroom

Full-Size Mattress Cons

  • Narrower than a queen-size bed
  • Snug fit for a couple
  • Doesn't offer a lot of sleeping space
  • Not good for taller sleepers
  • Smaller mattress size than a queen mattress

King vs. Full Bed: Shop Leesa’s Beds and Get a 100-Night Trial! 

Still can't decide when considering a king vs. full bed? Leesa offers you a 100-night trial to see if your new bed absolutely fits your needs and requirements. We offer 100 percent memory foam mattresses, as well as our hybrid mattresses, which combine deluxe foam with individually wrapped springs for the ultimate in cushioning and support. Find which mattress size is right for you while you test-drive your new Leesa!


How much bigger is a king-size bed than a full-size bed?

A full-size bed is 5 inches shorter and 23 inches narrower than a standard king bed. Twenty-three inches is almost two full feet!

Do 2 full beds make a king?

No. Two twin XL mattresses are equal in size to a king-size bed.

Is a full-size bed good for couples?

For years, full-size, or double, beds, were the standard bed size for couples. The advent of the queen mattress in the 1950s changed all that. But a full-size mattress can still work for a couple, especially if both are smaller in size. It will be a snug fit, for sure, but for couples with less space, a full-size mattress is doable.