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How to Organize Your Room For Better Sleep: A Complete Guide


Sleep is an essential part of your life, in fact, you spend one-third of your life sleeping. You need sleep to regenerate your body so that it remains healthy because, without enough sleep, your brain can't function properly, impairing your ability to think clearly, concentrate, and do work.

Unfortunately, even though sleep is a natural and vital part of your life, some people have difficulty sleeping. If you are tossing and turning at night waiting for sleep to come and have tried almost everything except for medication to get a good night's sleep, perhaps you should look at how organized your sleeping quarters are.

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Yes, it turns out there is a correlation
between sleeping well and having a clean and organized room Think about
it, don't you feel accomplished after you've had a productive day?
Checking things off your to-do list can be very satisfying and lead to a
better night's sleep.

Science shows you can sleep better
if your space is more organized. This is excellent news for people who
love to keep things tidy and those who need extra motivation to keep
their rooms clean. So if you have been struggling to open your bedroom
door due to excessive clutter, or enjoy when your room is kept in order,
here are some tips on how to organize your room for a better night's

Can Being Organized Help You Get Better Rest?

Yes! Researchers at Princeton's Neuroscience Institute
found that clutter can create unnecessary visual stimuli for your mind
to sort through. These visual stimuli increase stress, which increases
the amount of time it takes to turn your brain off at night.

of us are familiar with that feeling of turning off the lights but
being unable to turn off your brain, making you toss and turn instead.
Think about your digital spaces – like your computer's desktop or the
apps on your iPhone – the more icons there are, the more time it takes
to find the specific one you want.

same principle applies in the bedroom. Over time, the work your brain
has to do because of being overstimulated by clutter in the room
eventually translates to increased stress levels and an inability to
fall asleep.

Declutter for Better Rest

You don't have to take it as far as color-coordinating your closet to get better rest.
If you're only going to do one thing, we suggest you declutter. Closet
doors can be closed, dresser drawers can be reorganized and shut. Find a
few simple things to tidy to get you started.

next thing you should do to organize your bedroom is to clear off all
the flat surfaces in your room. It's tempting to let things pile up on
your desk, the top of your counter space, and on your floor, but
organizing the chaos on those surfaces can drastically decrease the
visual clutter your brain has to sort through in your room.

an hour or two to pick up the various piles of stuff around your room.
Hint: some of it may belong in the trash. Marie-Kondo, your space. The
result? Less stress and anxiety.

Want Another Easy Way to Declutter Your Space?

Here's what we have to say about technology in the bedroom.
Spoiler alert: banning electronics from your bedroom helps you sleep
better. Also, taking them out of the bedroom means you can remove and
re-home those piles of cords, office supplies, and electronics-related

Utilize Under Bed Storage

you have limited floor space, but you have a bed with space underneath
it, you can use that bed space to store extra t-shirts, books, duvet,
throw pillows, or any other knick knacks that you want to keep but don't
use that often.

you want to store clothes or duvets, you can use storage system boxes
or use vacuum seal bags to reduce their size and protect them from dust.
Don't worry if you don't have built-in storage. If you want extra space
under your bed, you can create it with risers.

a small bedroom, save on precious closet space and the stress of having
to dig through your shoe rack to find the pair you're looking for by
storing off-season shoes under the bed.

can organize your shoe cabinet by putting out only footwear you need
each season and storing the rest of your shoes under your bed,
preferably in storage containers. This way, it'll be easier to find the
shoes you want without having to dig through a massive pile of shoes,
and as a bonus, save on closet space.

Go Minimalist

Being a minimalist means living only with the things you need, and this concept can work well, especially in a small bedroom.

minimalist bedroom should only have something you need for sleep. Build
a minimalist bedroom by storing, donating, or selling the items you
don't need. Fewer things make organizing and tidying up a breeze, and
there's nothing to distract you from a good night's sleep.

Store Your Hats on a Wall

you own many hats, fedoras, and caps and don't have enough floor space
to store them, you can use your wall space and organize them into a
pattern of your choice, turning them into wall decoration. You can use
removable no damage hooks to display them. With hooks like this, you can
remove the hats and move them around to change the design if you wish.
Storing your hats this way leaves no wasted space.

Use Organized Jewelry as Art

is lovely to wear, but it's often hard to store it in a way that makes
it easy to find. You can organize and show off your beautiful jewelry in
a hanging jewelry organizer. This hanging jewelry organizer can free up
small dresser space in your bedroom and make it easier to find your

Invest in a Blanket Basket

you are running out of space to store your extra blankets, linens, and
pillows inside your closet, store them outside in a blanket basket. A
blanket basket is a decorative woven wicker basket in various colors and
sizes. You can organize your linens and pillows and make your bedroom
look chic.

Utilize a Nightstand with Storage

you are in the market for a bedside table, choose one with additional
storage space or extra drawers. You can choose to have a traditional
nightstand or a modern bedside caddy that has lots of areas for extra
storage out in the market, so for sure, you'll find out that suits your
taste. You can use the extra storage solution to store items and
organize books, chargers, and other bedside necessities organized and
easily accessible.

Utilize Bins & Baskets

boxes, bins, and baskets come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.
They can be a great way to use as an additional storage solution. You
can put bins and baskets as part of your closet organization to save
space. You can utilize smaller baskets to manage your make-up or put
them inside your clothing drawers to organize your underwear, extra
blankets, socks, or whatever else you can think of.

Store Your Laundry Basket in Your Closet

clothing is one of the last things you want to see when you're trying
to go to sleep in your bed, so it's best to keep it out of sight.

you have space in your closet, store your laundry basket inside.
Keeping the laundry basket near where you change clothes will make sure
your dirty clothes don't pile up on the floor and clutter your bedroom,
and it keeps the unsightly dirty clothes away from view.

Decide on a Closet Organization System

your closet is one of the most challenging things on this list, and
choosing the right closet organization system is one of the first steps.

good news is that there are many closet systems you can choose for your
bedroom organization project depending on your preference. However,
deciding which one to buy is just the beginning because you need to do
the work and tidy the things inside your closet. There are many ways,
but here's what we suggest.

  • Look through your clothes and decide which ones stay and which ones you can give away. A good rule of thumb is to use the six-month rule.– if you haven't used a piece of clothing in six months, give it away.
  • Separate your clothes by season, and store seasonal clothes on the top part of your closet.
  • Look for things you are not using in your closet and get rid of them.
  • Use drawer dividers, baskets, or extra hooks to organize your accessories like belts, scarves, etc.
  • Designate one drawer for 'sentimental storage' or items or pieces of clothing you want to keep because it reminds you of good memories.

Add Multi-Purpose Storage at the Foot of Your Bed

you have limited floor space in your bedroom, adding a storage bench at
the foot of your bed can give you that extra space to store books,
extra pillows, seasonal clothes, and other accessories. In addition to
making your room look tidy, you can put decorative pillows on top or
display ornamental items.

Add Wall Shelves to Maximize Vertical Space

floating shelves is one of the excellent ways to use vertical space and
free up the dresser and bedside table space in your bedroom. You can
opt to put corner shelves in corner spaces in your bedroom –it's a great
way to utilize vertical space.

you're aiming for a modern and minimalist look, you might want to take a
look into putting up floating shelves. Floating shelves look modern and
clean and work well in any space.

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Fun fact to know: decluttering is one of the main principles of hygge, a Danish phenomenon that describes a feeling of cozy intimacy and contentment.

you're on a roll after you're done decluttering, refresh your bedroom
sanctuary with a mini makeover. You don't have to break the bank to
create a fresh, clean space that you enjoy spending time in. After all, you do more than sleep in your bedroom, so it should be an oasis that helps you relax and unwind.

you've noticed that you're not getting your best rest lately, take a
look around your bedroom and see what you can do to declutter your
space. It just might make the difference you've been looking for. If you
want to know more about sleep and our bed and mattress, or just want
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Where Do I Start When Organizing My Room?

Let's start by taking a deep breath! You can do this! Our approach is to begin simply and work our way up. First, throw away any trash you find on shelves, desks, under your bed, and on the ground. Set aside any dirty clothes in a laundry basket. Next, make your bed. Making your bed can improve your mood and give you the feeling that you've accomplished something! Next, we recommend decluttering. Implement a "Keep" and "Donate" pile to toss items into (this should be enjoyable, right?). If you come across something that you're unsure about, ask yourself whether you use it or love it; if not, you can donate it!