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Interior of a bedroom with a platform bed, white duvet, and neutral accents

What Kind of Bed Foundation Do You Need?


If you've recently bought a new mattress — or if you're considering buying one — you may be wondering what kind of foundation you need to properly support your mattress. Traditional box springs? A bed foundation? A bed base? The answer depends on what type of mattress you have or are going to buy. Read on to learn more to make the best possible decision for you and your sleep partner.

What Is a Mattress Foundation? 

A mattress foundation is quite simply the base upon which your mattress rests. The most familiar type of mattress foundation is the trusty box spring placed on a traditional bed frame. The mattress then sits on top of the box spring.

But with the evolution in mattresses, including the hybrid mattress, mattress foundations have become much more versatile. A platform bed offers a sturdy surface for your mattress by using metal or wooden slats for the support system. Others sleepers may choose to place their bed foundations directly on the floor and top it with the mattress.

Do I Need a Mattress Foundation?

Not necessarily, but it's a wise choice to provide your mattress with some type of support. Your new mattress may feel fabulous, but for the best sleep of your life, decide on some sort of mattress base.

If you're thinking about hybrid mattresses, either a mattress foundation or another bed foundation will work well. However, don't put your new hybrid mattress on a box spring.

Different Types of Mattress Foundations

For optimal support, solid mattress foundations are a necessity. Without solid foundations, your mattress may begin to wear unevenly or even develop some sags. Here's another reason to use a mattress base — all of Leesa's mattresses come with a warranty, but not using a bed foundation will nullify the warranty.

So, let's take a look at the different types of mattress foundations that are currently available.

Box Springs

Box springs sitting on a bed frame are designed to support traditional innerspring mattresses. While they provide solid support, Leesa doesn't recommend using box springs with either our foam or hybrid mattresses. Instead, we recommend one of our foundations.

Platform Beds

A platform bed is attractive and provides a solid base for your memory foam or hybrid mattress. A platform bed frame offers several pros, including freeing up valuable under-the-bed storage space and taking up much less room than a bed frame and box springs.

Benefits of a Mattress Foundation

A new mattress is an investment in your sleep, health, and comfort. Of course, you want to take good care of that investment. Right? So, here are some of the top benefits of using a solid bed foundation, which is essential for a good night's rest. 

Improves Lifespan of Your Mattress

One of the most significant benefits of using a mattress foundation is that it supports your new mattress and keeps it comfortable for longer. The sturdy support provided by a solid bed foundation enhances your mattress' longevity.

Keeps your Mattress Clean

If you place your mattress directly on the floor, it will inevitably get full of dust and debris. And heaven forbid if your room is flooded! Your new mattress will act like an absorbent sponge and be useless after that.

Whether you have an innerspring mattress with box springs in a bed frame, or you're considering memory foam mattresses, a solid mattress foundation is a must to keep your mattress clean and fresh.

Adds Height to Your Bed

Despite how thick memory foam and hybrid mattresses are, a platform bed or any other solid mattress foundation adds height and functionality to your bed and bedroom space. Besides being easier to get in and out of bed, having a solid bed foundation is also attractive and can match just about any room style or decor.

Get Your Bed Foundation Today

Convinced you need a bed foundation? We hope so. Leesa's bed foundations, bases, and platform beds are designed specifically for Leesa mattresses. They'll support you and your new mattress, and provide an excellent enhancement to the look of your bedroom.. Are you ready to create your private sleeping sanctuary? Shop for Leesa mattresses  today, and order your new bed foundation. P.S. Leesa offers free shipping on your purchase!


What is a Bed Foundation?

A bed foundation is a supportive base for your new mattress. Leesa offers several different types of bed foundations, including our bed foundation with a center support beam. The foundation rests in a traditional bed frame. Other options include our platform bed, and for the ultimate luxury, our adjustable base.

Is a Bed Foundation Necessary?

A bed foundation isn't necessary, but Leesa strongly recommends using one to protect your health and your investment in good sleep.