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Mattress and Sleep

Everything You Need to Know About Your Next Mattress

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Mattress and Sleep

Should I Flip or Rotate My Memory Foam or Hybrid Mattress

Should I Flip or Rotate My Memory Foam or Hybrid Mattress?

Leave the flipping to a Saturday morning pancake sesh. The design of most mattresses today makes flipping a mattress obsolete.

Should I Flip My Leesa Mattress?

Don’t flip your Leesa mattress. If you flipped the mattress, its entire performance design would be reversed, and you’d be missing all the benefits of the multilayer foam design intended to help your body recover and charge during the night. Also, the two-inch top layer allows for airflow to get a cooler night’s sleep. Flipping that layer upside down so it's on the bottom is no bueno.

Should I Rotate My Leesa Mattress?

As for rotation, your mattress is created to give you years of comfort and durability. The viscoelastic foam layer of your mattress takes just minutes to recover after sleeping. Some prefer to periodically rotate their mattress to promote even wear, especially if they are co-sleeping or have a sleep partner and want to extend the life of the mattress. Rotating the mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months will not harm your mattress, and that might also be a good time to do a seasonal vacuuming as well, to keep it in top shape.

Should I Flip My Hybrid Mattress?

Don’t flip a hybrid mattress. A hybrid mattress, much like a foam mattress, is designed from the bottom up with specific materials in mind. Flipping it upside down reverses the design and makes the science behind it useless.

Should I Rotate My Hybrid Mattress?

Just like a foam mattress, some people prefer to rotate the mattress seasonally so it wears evenly. U-turning the mattress every 3-6 months will help even out the wear and is also a good time to get out those mild cleaners.