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Ways to Rest Your Heart in the Bedroom


Whether it’s school, work, parenting, family or romantic relationships, we all have a lot to deal with every day, which puts stress on our minds and our bodies. That’s why we are hearing more and more these days about the concept of “self-care.”

Many of us spend all day, every day worrying about others—friends, spouses, relatives, young children—but we need to be sure to find time to take care of ourselves as well. Like they always say on an airplane—secure your own survival mask before assisting others.

Here are some easy ways you can take full use of your own, personal home sanctuary—your bedroom—to help calm your mind and body and rest your heart every day.

Do One Thing for Yourself Every Day

A good rule of thumb is to do (at least) one thing every day that’s just for you . Whether it’s just taking 10 minutes during your lunch break to relax in the sun, or enjoying a soothing bath at the end of the day, you deserve at least one thing daily that helps you relax and feel zen.

Here, we’re sharing a few ideas that you can easily do for yourself right in the heart of your home—your bedroom.

Create the Sanctuary of Your (Literal) Dreams

Your bedroom doesn’t have to look like a magazine spread to be a comfortable, relaxing space. Many people feel more comforted by a room that feels “lived-in” and is all their own.

Whichever way your preferences go, there are some simple things you can do to increase the zen in your bedroom so that you instantly feel calmer and less tense the moment you walk in the door.

  • Try cozy layers: Take a tip from stylish furniture store displays or those ultra-chic Pinterest boards and layer your bed with color-coordinated sheets, blankets and duvets or comforters. Show off your work by peeling back a corner when you make your bed.
  • Add some stylish pillows: Try to vary the size, color and texture of the pillows for an added, interesting touch. Just don’t overdo it. You don’t want your bed to feel over-cluttered. Plus, you need room for the most important thing that goes in your bed—you!
  • Add a throw blanket or quilt: Accessorize with things that are personal to you, such as a handmade quilt from a grandparent or your favorite, cozy throw blanket. Fold them neatly and place them on the edge of the bed so they’re right there waiting for you to curl up in.
  • Add some zen touches: Splurge on some candles or essential oils in your favorite scents and place them near the bed for your personal meditation time. If reading a book or binge-watching your favorite show is your idea of relaxation, have a book or the remote control nearby and ready.

When it comes to calming your mind before bed, it’s also best to turn off all screens including your phone, laptop and TV too, since blue light can affect your eyes and make it harder to fall asleep.

Calm the Mind with Relaxing Yoga

As Reese Witherspoon’s character Elle Woods in the movie Legally Blonde explained, “Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t kill their husbands.”

Exercise releases chemicals in the body that can benefit the mind as much as they do the body. This doesn’t have to be a hardcore workout—it can also be gentle, relaxing yoga at the beginning or end of the day that helps relax the muscles and quiet a racing mind.

If you’re looking for a longer, more intense yoga workout to burn some calories and break a sweat, there are countless at-home yoga videos you can turn to online. But if you just want a quick, easy, 10-minute progression of poses to help you relax your muscles, try our four favorite, basic moves:

  1. Vajrasana
  2. Child’s Pose
  3. Cow and Cat
  4. Butterfly

Doing a little yoga in the morning can really help get your blood flowing and wake up your mind and body for a productive day.

If yoga isn’t your thing, some simple meditation can help rid your body and mind of the stresses of the day. You don’t have to sit with your legs crossed and your fingers posed on your knees to meditate—just try laying on your oh-so-comfortable bed with your arms at your sides and eyes closed and take several deep, calming breaths.

If intense quiet is too disconcerting and leaves too much empty space for busy thoughts, try listening to relaxing, “spa” music. There are some really good, free playlists that will make you feel like you’re in a five-star spa! Plain old white noise also works well for some (it can also help you get to sleep).

Usher in Sleep with a Cup of Tea

Can tea help you sleep? It depends on what kind of tea you’re drinking.

Certain teas aren’t much different than a cup of coffee in terms of the amount of caffeine they contain, which is the exact opposite effect you want at bedtime. However, certain kinds of herbal tea can definitely encourage faster, deeper sleep. The four best teas for bedtime are chamomile, peppermint tea, lavender tea and green tea (the decaf kind, of course).

Not only can the actual tea itself help you sleep, but the process of making and sipping tea can also be relaxing, so take your time to sip and enjoy your tea before bed.

Invest in Your Comfort

Of course, having a comfortable, supportive bed to cozy up in will help you get a good night’s rest.

Having the right mattress can not only make sleep more comfortable, but can also give your body the support it needs for you to get your best rest.

The Leesa Original Mattress is a quality foam mattress with Universal Adaptive Feel®—great for every body type and sleeping position. Our Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress combines the benefits of our premium foam with individually wrapped springs for a luxury feel and superior support.

To take the coziness up a notch, add Leesa bed sheets, blankets and pillows to fully complement your mattress and complete your home sanctuary. The Leesa Pillow and our Hybrid Pillow support your head and neck to keep your spine aligned and provide cooling comfort, no matter which position you like to sleep in.

Ready for better rest? Upgrade your sleep with Leesa.