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Do I Need a Bed Frame for a Memory Foam Mattress?


If you’re switching from a traditional innerspring mattress to a memory foam mattress, you might be rethinking your bed frame. Or you might even be wondering, do you need a bed frame at all?

While it’s not absolutely essential to use a bed frame for a memory foam mattress, we highly recommend it. The right bed frame will help you get the maximum comfort and longevity out of your mattress. But memory foam mattresses are heavy and need bed frames that can support them, so your old frame might not cut it.

We’ll look at why it’s better to use a frame and the best types of bed frames for a memory foam mattress.

Why Use a Bed Frame for Your Memory Foam Mattress?

Using a bed frame with your memory foam mattress will help you sleep more comfortably and extend the life of your mattress, and here’s why.

Allergic Reactions to Dust

Sure, you can put your new Leesa mattress directly on the floor, but remember, carpet provides an uneven, soft base. Plus, your mattress is more vulnerable to allergens, dirt, dust, dust mites, pet hair, insects, and moisture on the floor. Grosser yet, putting your foam mattress directly on the floor means the memory foam will wick your body heat downward. Moisture will then accumulate, which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Better Ventilation

Putting your memory foam mattress on a bed frame allows for good ventilation and lets air circulate. This is optimal because Leesa’s foam mattresses are intentionally designed to breathe, which is why you can sleep or snooze in total comfort. Without a breathable base, your mattress may not be as cool and comfortable as it is designed to be.

Longer Lifespan

Then there’s longevity. Buying a Leesa—no matter which mattress type—is a long-term investment in your health and better sleep. Bed frames evenly distribute your weight and provide your mattress with the solid foundation it needs to prevent sagging, keeping your new foam mattress comfortable for longer. Since you’ve bought the best bed ever, be sure to put it on the best bed frame.

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With so many bed base options—from low-profile bed frames to more substantial pieces of furniture—there’s something for everyone. If you don’t like the look of a traditional frame or foundation or want something more minimalist, you can set your new foam mattress on wooden slats or a bunkie board. Both options offer a flat but supportive foundation for your new mattress.

Adjustable Bed Frame

Adjustable bed frames let you customize your bed exactly how you want it. With the push of a button, you can raise up the head for lounging or a more comfortable sleeping position, raise up the foot to elevate your legs, or both! You can even get a split version that lets you adjust each side independently.

Bunkie Board

A bunkie board is a large, flat piece of wood, usually two inches high and sometimes covered with fabric, that can sit on the floor or rest on a bed frame or mattress foundation. A bunkie board does not, in our opinion, provide adequate ventilation, but it’s certainly better than placing your new mattress on the floor.

Wooden Slats

Wooden slats are individual strips of wood that lay across your bed foundation to support your mattress. Many wooden slats come pre-connected to each other for easy setup. A slatted foundation is economical, easy to move, and allows for more ventilation than a bunkie board, which is important with foam mattresses.

Metal Bed Frames and Wooden Base

You also have the option of choosing metal bed frames or a wooden base. Metal bed frames range from a simple frame (which usually requires a mattress foundation or slats on top) to platform beds. Some people prefer metal bed frames because they provide evenly spaced metal slats and sturdy support. 

Keep in mind, though, that using metal bed frames may compress your foam mattress over time. That’s something you want to avoid. Wood bases offer similar options as metal bed frames, from simple platform beds to more complex wood bed frames with headboards and footboards.

Leesa’s Mattress Foundations are Designed Specifically for Memory Foam Mattresses

At Leesa, we offer a few different solutions to give your new memory foam mattress a solid foundation while also enhancing your bedroom decor. 

Leesa Traditional Bed Frame

Our traditional bed frame offers low-profile support for your foam mattress and requires a Leesa Mattress Foundation for stability. The Leesa Mattress foundation provides an optimal mattress support system for your bed and is made with fabric that coordinates with your foam mattress for an aesthetically pleasing bedroom.

Leesa Platform Bed

Platform beds are a very popular option for many memory foam mattresses, and they provide the ideal mattress foundation for both memory foam beds and hybrids. The Leesa platform bed offers a clean, minimalist design plus ample support for foam mattresses. 

The bed’s exterior frame is constructed with premium-grade spruce, pine, and fir (SPF) and covered with appealing neutral gray upholstery. Not only does the platform bed look stylish, but it’s also a fully supportive base for your new memory foam mattress—no box springs required.

Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame

An adjustable bed frame provides the solid support your mattress needs for you to get a good night’s sleep, but its other features are what make it a lifestyle decision. An adjustable bed frame means you can position your memory foam mattress however you like. Lift your head and upper body if you’re lounging around (reading or binge-watching Netflix!) or raise both your head and feet. Talk about kicking back!

Leesa’s adjustable mattress base checks all the boxes in terms of features and accessories. It has two built-in USB ports to make charging your phone or other devices easy, plus adjustable legs that can be changed by two-inch increments to position your new bed to the perfect height.

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Setting up your Leesa platform bed frame

A platform bed frame that assembles without tools? Believe it. Leesa’s platform bed frame is a breeze to assemble and is eagerly awaiting your new mattress. No Allen wrenches are required. No screwdrivers, either. No trying to decipher instructions that read like hieroglyphics. Compare that to other bed frames. (We see you, IKEA). 

Instead, open your Leesa platform bed frame box, and you’ll find all the wooden pieces neatly wrapped to keep them from getting scratched. Secure the bed frame’s outside rails with the four corner pins included. Then slide the center metal support rail into place, evenly distribute, roll out the slatted foundation, and lock it into place. That’s it.

Then place your new memory foam mattress on the solid surface created by your slatted foundation. Ditch your box spring. Make your bed (check out Leesa’s bedding) and experience the life-changing difference of getting the best sleep of your life.

Setting Up your Leesa Bed Foundation

If you’ve opted for Leesa’s mattress foundation instead of our platform bed frame, you’ll find it’s equally easy to set up. But you’ll also need a metal bed frame for your foam mattress, which Leesa offers as well. The basic foundation is a great choice for a foam mattress and offers solid support. Constructed of high-quality hardwood, these bed frames all have center support.

The mattress foundation is upholstered with gray twill to complement your bedroom. Just like the Leesa platform bed frame, the Leesa bed foundation is easy to put together, right out of the box. No tools are needed. The outer rails are secured by four corner pins, and the middle support slides easily into place. Then, unroll the birchwood slats, making sure they’re evenly spaced, and you’re ready to put your mattress to bed, pun intended. The best news? No box springs!


If you’ve decided your new mattress deserves a bed frame, then come to Leesa. We’ve got all of the frames and foundations you need. By combining a Leesa mattress with a Leesa foundation, adjustable base, or platform bed, you’ll have a complete setup for your bedroom getaway.


Do memory foam mattresses slide?

Memory foam mattresses are quite heavy, so they don’t typically slide, especially if your bed frame is upholstered or has slats. But if you do have issues with your mattress moving around on your bed frame, it’s an easy fix. A non-slip pad, rug gripper, or velcro tape will all help keep your memory foam mattress securely in place.

Where should I buy a bed frame?

Every mattress—whether a traditional innerspring mattress or a memory foam mattress—requires a solid surface to provide support and optimal comfort. That’s why innerspring mattresses are typically sold with box springs. It’s also why we strongly recommend using a bed frame for a foam mattress.

You can buy a Leesa mattress support, frame, or platform bed directly from us, or you can visit one of our affiliates, including Amazon, Pottery Barn, and West Elm locations. Physical locations make it easy to try before you buy a Leesa.

Leesa offers a 100-day trial period for any of our mattresses, as well as a 30-day return window for bed frames and mattress foundations. And don’t forget our 10-year mattress warranty. So, whether you buy online or from an affiliate, you can purchase your mattress, as well as your new bed frame, with confidence.

What is a bed frame?

Bed frames are pieces of supportive furniture designed to hold a foam mattress or an innerspring mattress and box springs. Bed frames didn’t come into common use until the mid-1800s, which is about when the conventional mattress was invented. Before that, bed frames were often constructed out of wood supports and rope. Back then, a mattress was usually a large sack of lumpy cotton or grass.

How wide is a Queen bed frame?

Our Queen platform bed frames measure 59.5” across, and so does our foundation, so they’re perfectly sized for a Queen mattress. Our adjustable bed frames measure 60” across. Our frames support any Leesa mattress type, prevent sagging, and offer you optimal comfort for the best sleep of your life.

How wide are full-sized bed frames?

A full-size bed is slightly smaller than a Queen mattress, but larger than a Twin-sized mattress. Leesa’s Full-sized foundation measures 52.5” across, as does our Full-size platform bed frame—both sized just right for our Full-sized mattress. Our adjustable bed frame does not come in a Full size.