Leesa vs. Casper.  Boy on a Leesa mattress and pillows.

LEESA VS. CASPERWhy choose Leesa over

What Makes Leesa Different?


Relentlessly focused on quality

We use only the highest quality, American-made materials and obsess over every detail. The result? Deeper rest for you, and the best mattress money can buy.


Buying from Leesa helps others

We donate one mattress for every ten we sell. With 30,000+ mattresses donated, when you buy from Leesa, you make a real difference.

See why thousands of happy sleepers prefer the Leesa Hybrid mattress:
Leesa VS Casper

Third party reviewers love the Leesa mattress more than the Casper mattress:

“Where the Leesa mattress really shines, however, is in body contouring (also called compression support). Leesa's memory foam layer seems better at body-contouring than Casper's.”

Leesa vs. Casper

"All things considered, we really like the Leesa mattress. It's hard to find shortcomings, even with price, and I can imagine that Leesa receives hardly any returns at all. If you want a comfortable, soft, and fairly cool mattress, Leesa is a strong pick."


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100 night risk-free trial

100 night risk-free trial

Free shipping

Free shipping

One donated for every ten sold

One donated for every ten sold

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Whether its quality, company social impact or customer expert reviews, we think you'll
agree: Leesa is the better new mattress. Try one for 100 nights risk-free and see for yourself.

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