Why choose Leesa over Casper?

What Makes Leesa Different?

Relentlessly focused on quality

We use only the highest quality, American-made materials and obsess over every detail. The result? Deeper rest for you, and the best mattress money can buy.

Buying from Leesa helps others

We donate one mattress for every ten we sell. With 30,000+ mattresses donated, when you buy from Leesa, you make a real difference.

Leesa or Casper?

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Onsite Reviews

13,000+ verified 5-star reviews from customers on our website*


30% fewer 5-star reviews from customers on their website*

Social Impact

One mattress donated for every ten sold, over 30,000+ mattresses donated to over 1,000 nonprofits. 




Proudly designed and
made in the USA


"Nearly all the materials are made in North America"

Expert Review

Wirecutter's Best Foam Mattress out of 40 mattresses tested


Runner-up in Wirecutter's foam mattress rating


Aly Raisman, Daymond John and Richard Sherman sleep on a Leesa mattress


They don’t sleep on a Casper

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*Reviews Disclaimer - Onsite Review counts were updated 04/19/2018

Third party reviewers love the Leesa mattress more than the Casper mattress:

“Where the Leesa mattress really shines, however, is in body contouring (also called compression support). Leesa's memory foam layer seems better at body contouring than Casper's.”

– Sleep Delivered

"All things considered, we really like the Leesa mattress. It's hard to find shortcomings, even with price, and I can imagine that Leesa receives hardly any returns at all. If you want a comfortable, soft, and fairly cool mattress, Leesa is a strong pick."

– Riz Knows

Customers love us, too, so much so that some have returned their Casper mattresses and bought a Leesa:

  • “My husband and I have had much better overall sleep since switching from a Casper to this mattress. Much softer and cozier. No more waking up with sore hips.”
    – Katherine D.
    Verified Customer
  • “I tried a Casper mattress but it was too soft and not firm enough for me. It was like spongy soft but my Leesa mattress is the perfect combination of soft and firm.”
    – Spencer S.
    Verified Customer
  • “I have a Capser and a Tuft and Needle, and the Leesa mattress has, by far, been my favorite. It is perfect balance of give and firmness, great sleep... I love it!”
    – Jessica M.
    Verified Customer
  • “I've now owned a Casper for 3+ years and just switched to Leesa. I find the Leesa more sturdy with less sink. Also you can sit on the edge of the Leesa whereas witht he Casper theres much less stability. Given that the Leesa is less expensive to me its a no brainer to choose Leesa over Casper.”
    – Raymond C.
    Verified Customer

Reviews Disclaimer - As a B Corp™-certified company focused on honesty and transparency, all of the customer reviews featured above are from verified Leesa customers, and all stated opinions are their own.

100 night
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One donated for
every ten sold

Made in
the USA

Whether its quality, company social impact or customer expert reviews, we think you'll agree: Leesa is the better new mattress. Try one for 100 nights risk-free and see for yourself.

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