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Reinvest in Your Rest: 4 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Return


It’s that time of year again—spring has sprung and it’s time to do your taxes (if you haven’t already). Paperwork and crunching numbers can be a headache, but for some people, tax season has a silver lining—getting a tax return.

If you’re expecting a tax return or have already received one, what do you do with the extra cash? Do you save it? Spend it? Invest it?

Before you decide, it’s important to remember that your refund isn’t just extra, bonus money. It’s money you worked hard for an earned throughout the year, so you want to be smart with how you spend it.

Now, we’re not saying you’re going to get enough money in your tax refund to take a European vacation (wouldn’t that be nice, though?!) or retire early (hey, we can dream), but there are some things you will be able to spend it on. From saving it to treating yourself, we’re sharing 4 smart ways you can use your tax return this year.

1. Save, Save, Save

Of course, saving your tax refund is always a good idea. By putting the funds in savings (even if you only save part of your return), you’re better preparing yourself for the future. Maybe you’re saving up to buy a home or a new car. Your tax return may be the last bit of funds you needed to make your purchase or get you closer to your goal.

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By putting your tax refund cash away, you’re also preparing yourself for any unexpected events or emergencies. What if your refrigerator stops working? What if your car breaks down? What if you lose your job? While we hope none of these things happen, the truth is that life happens. Having an emergency fund can be a huge life-saver and give you peace of mind in the meantime.

You can also put your tax refund into your retirement account. Disclaimer: at Leesa, we're not financial planners—sleep is more our thing, so we recommend talking to a professional for advice on finances and savings. They can point you in the right direction and help you make smart decisions with your tax refund.

2. Pay Down Debt

Put your tax refund toward paying down your debt. While this isn't necessarily a fun way to spend your return, it is a smart way to use your return. If you have multiple credit cards with debt, consider paying down the one with the highest interest rate first. Can you pay one (or two) cards off in full? That’s even better.

Another good use for your tax return is putting it toward your mortgage loan. You may be able to pay off a chunk of your mortgage loan with your tax return money. Again, we're not experts in this, so talk with a professional to see what your options are.

Do you have student or car loans? Yep, you guessed it. You can put your tax refund toward paying these off, too.

3. Invest in Your Home or Car

Do you have a faucet that always drips or a toilet that always runs? Using your tax returns to fix things around the house is another smart option. Not only will these improvements fix immediate, short-term problems, they can save you on utility bills in the long-term, too.

Invest your tax refund in home updates and renovations. Many updates will add to the value of your home (and help you build equity!). Maybe it's finally time to update your master bathroom or upgrade old appliances to new, energy efficient models. This is great for you, as the homeowner, and can also benefit you when it comes time to sell.

The same thing goes for your car. If you never got your bumper repaired after your fender bender or need new tires, invest you tax refund in your car. Again, this fixes the immediate problem and can benefit you down the line. When it’s time to sell your car, having a smooth, dent-free bumper and new tires can add to your car’s value.

4. Treat Yourself

You work really hard all year, so treat yourself with your tax refund (just don’t go crazy!). Put your tax return toward… you! It’s OK to spoil yourself a little from time to time.

Pro tip: if you’re splurging on a new TV or the latest smartphone, you can still be smart about it. Do your research to find the best sale or deal so that you get the most bang for your tax-refund buck.

Reinvest in Your Rest

Depending on the size of your tax refund, you may be able to make a bigger purchase or investment (like the renovations and upgrades we talked about before!). When we say "big purchases," your mind most likely goes to appliances, furniture or a new car, but what about reinvesting in your rest?

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Update Your Bedding

Better rest comes from more than a great mattress. If your pillow is old, lumpy or heavy (the extra weight is dead skin cells and dirt, by the way!), and your sheets are pilling or torn, it's time treat yourself to fresh bedding. Use your tax refund to update your pillows, sheets and blankets to create a bedroom sanctuary.

When you're shopping for bedding, you want to choose cozy bedding that you can’t wait to crawl into at night. That means breathable, soft, durable fabrics and picture-perfect layers.

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Refresh Your Bedroom Sanctuary

If your bedroom isn’t a clean, inviting space, tax refund season may be your chance to refresh your space. Create a relaxing space you love to spend time in and most importantly, rest in. You may even be able to complete a few small bedroom projects with your refund.

Here are some of our favorite, affordable ways you can spruce up your space:

  • Jazz up the walls with paint, wallpaper, a tapestry or new art.
  • Refresh your décor (and dust what's already there!).
  • Organize and clear clutter. This will help calm your mind and create a relaxing space.
  • Spring clean your room (and don't forget to deep clean your mattress, too!).

Reinvesting in your rest can help you sleep better, so you're recharged and ready to work hard. Tax refund or not, if you're ready for a bedroom upgrade, let Leesa help you create a space you love.