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Leesa named Real Leaders '100 Top Impact Companies of 2020'


We are extremely proud to have been named a 2020 Real Leaders™ '100 Top Impact Company,' ranking in the top 100 of companies all over the world that are using business as a force for good.

The Real Leaders Impact Awards recognizes the top 100 companies that are "applying capitalism for greater profit and greater good." For the second year in a row, Real Leaders, together with Big Path Capital, ranked companies that are having a positive impact on the world—companies that are demonstrating that "every transaction is an opportunity for growth and a better world."

“Leesa is delighted to, again, be recognized as a Real Leader 100 company." says John Replogle, Leesa CEO.

"Our mission is unwavering—to help end bedlessness for kids in the US by donating one mattress for every 10 we sell. We are inspired by the other Real Leader 100 companies and will continue to strive to be Makers of Good.”

Psst! We were also recognized as a 2019 Top 100 Company. Read all about it here >>

How is a company selected for a Real Leaders Impact Award?

Purpose-driven companies that are nominated for the Real Leaders Impact Awards are ranked based on their "Force for Good" score. That score is calculated by looking at three things: three-year growth rate (acceleration) x revenue (mass) x B-impact assessment score = a company's Force for Good score.

As a 2020 award winner, we are in great company (HA! See what we did there?).

Some of the other companies recognized as a Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Company this year include:

  • Patagonia
  • Tesla
  • Vestas
  • Grove
  • Seventh Generation
  • Chobani
  • Beyond Meat

What makes Leesa a Real Leader '100 Top Impact Company?'

At Leesa, doing good is part of our DNA. Since Day One, we set out to build a better company, one that cares just as much about our impact on the world as our bottom line. We are proud to have been ranked #38 out of 100 companies for 2020. Some of the things that contributed to our 2020 score include:

  1. Every mattress purchased help us donate a mattress to a child in need (1 donated for every 10 sold through our One Good Bed Promise),
  2. Our products are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes (that you can re-recycle!),
  3. Our Hybrid and Legend mattresses are a combination of foam & individually wrapped springs: all of our individually wrapped springs are made from recycled steel.

All of these initiatives are part of what makes us a B Corp, too. We're proud of our 111 score (the average is 80!). Read all about our B Corp status, here >>

See the full list of all 100 companies and how they're using business as a force for good, here >>


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