Protect Your Purchase

Interested in purchasing a protection plan? Good thinking! We’ve teamed up with Clyde to offer top
-tier product coverage. Coverage from Clyde is underwritten and administrated by Guardsman* and
comes with easy-to-understand terms, a simple claims process, and competitive pricing. You have 30
days after purchase to add a protection plan. By adding coverage to your purchase, enjoy our products
knowing Clyde has your back.

With a Clyde Protection Plan, your products are covered for:

extended warranty 2

Extended Warranty

Accidental Damage 2

Accidental Damage

All your questions answered

What happens when I purchase a protection plan?

After you purchase a protection plan, Clyde will send you an email (your declarations page) with a link to view your terms and conditions on Clyde's customer portal, hiclyde.com. There, you can read a summary of your plan and file a claim. You'll also have the option to create an account for easy access to your coverage details at any time.

How do I file a claim?

If you've created an account on hiclyde.com, Clyde's customer portal, simply sign in and navigate to the product you need to file a claim for. You can also file a claim as a guest on hiclyde.com using the Plan ID included in the email you received from Clyde when you purchased your protection plan. Claims can also be submitted over the phone. Please refer to the T&Cs for specific coverage, eligibility, and timing requirements prior to reporting your claim.

Are contracts backed by an insurance company?

All Clyde contracts are backed by A-rated insurance partners. Clyde partners with a marketplace of insurers bringing you the highest quality coverage for the lowest price.

What if I return my product?

If you return your product your contract will automatically be returned as well. Depending on when you return your item, you may receive a prorated amount for your contract depending on how much time the contract was in effect.

Please refer to the T&Cs for specific coverage, eligibility, and timing requirements prior to reporting your claim.

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