$10,000 Leesa Social Impact Scholarship

Inspiring Future Leaders

The Leesa Social Impact Scholarship will provide $10,000 to support five exceptional students as they embark on their own journey toward social action.

At Leesa, we set out to measure our success as much by our impact on the world as we do by our financial performance. To date, we have donated over 10,000 mattresses and provided multiple cash awards and grants to people who share our concern for the millions of people seeking refuge from homelessness, domestic risk and human trafficking.

Learn how Leesa gives back

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

- Nelson Mandela

How do you apply for the social impact scholarship?

Describe the role social action has had on your life so far, and the role you see it having in the future.

What are the requirements needed to be considered for this scholarship?


Accepted or enrolled at an accredited College or University.


Demonstrate a commitment to social action.


Must have a 3.0 Cumulative GPA (on 4.0 scale) or higher.

How can you use the $10,000 award?

simply the best luxury mattress you can buy for under $1000.

To pay for
college tuition

simply the best luxury mattress you can buy for under $1000.

To fund costs related to a social action pursuit during college years

What else is included in the $10,000 scholarship?

Leesa Social Impact Mentorship

In addition to the $10,000 award, each scholar will be offered a mentorship program with the Leesa Social Impact department.

When you graduate, get a Leesa Mattress to finally catch-up on those missed zzz’s.

Our cozy Leesa blanket —the perfect companion for those late night cram sessions.

“Giving back to our community is a privilege we never take for granted. It adds a sense of purpose to our goals.”

— David Wolfe, CEO of Leesa Sleep