Mogul is a different kind
of community.
Leesa is a different kind
of mattress company.

Giving back, changing lives, inspiring dreams and doing good are central to Mogul and Leesa’s missions. We believe that a good night's sleep is the first step on the pathway to a better life. From Day One, we set out to build a different kind of company – one that measures its success as much by our impact on the world as by our sales and profits. So, we pledged to donate one, new unused custom mattress for every ten we sell. Our mattress donations to women's shelters and transitional housing facilities represent more than just a comfortable mattress and a place to recharge the mind and body; they represent hope. And to us, that's all you need to go out and conquer the world.

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Leesa & Mogul: Two companies with heart at the center of their business

The intersection of our goals – to elevate through better sleep and inspiring others – makes our partnership one that is united by purpose. Mogul's donation of a free education to a woman in need for every $1 earned and our donations to women's shelters are mirrors of one another. Most recently, we were fortunate enough to donate mattresses to the Irving Street Women's Residence in Denver, CO and The Women's Development Center in Las Vegas, NV where women can be empowered to care for themselves in a safe space. Because of our growth, so too has our ability to give back – that means the mattress you dream upon makes someone else's dream come true, as well.

Woman's Development Center | Las Vegas, NV

Heading Home | Boston, MA

The Phoenix Dream Center | Phoenix, AZ

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