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Why We Created Sapira

Why Leesa Created the Luxury Hybrid Sapira Mattress

Introducing Sapira by Leesa:

Sapira is the first true ultra-luxury hybrid foam and pocket spring mattress compressed and shipped directly to your home.

So, why did we do it?

Since we launched Leesa almost two years ago, we’ve received thousands of amazing reviews. We’ve also heard from people who have spent thousands on their mattresses and are ready to change but they are convinced all great mattresses have springs. Though we disagree, we recognize that luxury pocket spring mattresses remain super-expensive, just as the luxury foam mattresses were before Leesa. So we set about building the first luxury pocket spring based hybrid mattress with the finest components money can by. A year in the making, the result is Sapira by Leesa, an astonishing sleep experience with a surprisingly low price.

It’s what’s inside that counts.

The Sapira mattress was expertly-engineered with an exclusive pocket spring core, combined with two high-density, high-resiliency premium top layers. Together, these layers combine to deliver comfort and support that actually reacts to your body type and sleeping style. We call this the Universal Reactive Feel™. The top performance foam layer is perforated to allow optimal airflow, and specifically designed to allow for bounce and ease of movement; while the middle memory foam layer provides needed pressure relief to relax your body. But the key difference with Sapira is its exclusive pocket spring core, positioned between two layers of transition foam. The unique system includes a thousand premium-grade encased steel coils, providing unparalleled support, body contouring and virtually zero motion transfer. The Sapira mattress was also designed with superior edge support, so you can sit comfortably without sinking.

Sapira Layers

 The advanced technology of the Sapira mattress compares with mattresses that cost thousands more. But thanks to Sapira’s direct-to-consumer business model, it comes in at a price point that’s surprisingly affordable. Sapira starts at just $975 with free U.S. shipping and a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. Under Leesa’s One-ten program, Sapira also donates one mattress to a shelter for every ten we sell.

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